Wednesday, April 28, 2010

YouPEC 2010

Have you heard of YouPEC? YouPEC is the YOUth PErspective Conference on Biodiversity, a unique seminar that will be bringing 150 people from all over Europe to Belgium from the 1st to the 6th of July, to learn about, discuss and share knowledge and experience on biodiversity.

Though applications have been closed a while ago there are still a number of places for young people from: *Belgium, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.

To learn more go to (latest applications for the second round by 10th May):

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother Earth's favorite timepiece - the Sprout watch

Mother Earth's favorite timepiece - the Sprout watch

And from ionised water to watches! When you stop to consider what goes into even a mid-range watch let alone a high end one you start to wonder. Now a lot of people will point out that vintage watches are big market these days, primarily for the real high end ones. And that is to be commended, after all, if people would rather have something that was made twenty, thirty, forty years or more ago than something made last week then I will not stand in their way. But so much of today's society don't want this. They want it new and now. And this is right where these rather funky watches are aimed. My eldest daughter will be starting pre-school in about four months and I am firmly of the mind that one of these will be her first watch, these watches are so good for that sort of thing in my opinion. And yes I am seriously considering one for myself as well. After all, the one I have now doesn't do that much more than these!

So spread the word, if you are on the look out for a good watch, then look no further than the Sprout!

Oh and for those of us not in the USA, Amazon is your friend!

Activeion spray bottle uses water as a disinfectant

Activeion spray bottle uses water as a disinfectant

Now as someone who wrote about Triclosan for his final dissertation at TAMK this is a product that most definitely appeals to me! And having just checked the companies web site I am happy to see that a European subsidiary has been set up to market and sell the cleaners over here.

The science behind this is not new to me, but the concept and application thereof is. I can't really see where this is going to go wrong. Of course it has an almighty fight on its hands to convince people that "water with a bit of electricity" is really going to be better than chemicals for cleaning, but I believe the European market is more ready to acknowledge this fact and go for this. Yes it is a steep initial outlay, but then, apart from some new rechargeable batteries, you never need buy anything new for it again. Just keep pouring water in it!

So this is on the shopping list as well as making sure that if I ever need new sports shoes in the near future I will buy Puma!

The New PUMA Fuseproject Packaging

Now this I think is really the type of thinking that will go a long way to helping us all! Well done Puma! Now come on Nike, Addidas  et. al.!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flee market event in Keskustori on Sunday 18.4.!

Flee market is on again in Keskustori area on Sunday 18.4. at 10-15

All kind of equipment and clothes for prices to bargain, lets hope for a sunshine for Sunday morning :)

Sama suomeksi:

Moron supersuosittu peräkonttikirppis järjestetään Keskustorilla jälleen sunnuntaina 18.4. Tällä kertaa myyntipaikat arvotaan. Uutta on myös pyöräilijöille ja jalan liikkuville myyjille tarkoitettu oma myyntialueensa..... read more here

Sunday, April 11, 2010

British Council seeks for new Climate Advocates

The British Council’s Challenge Europe project brings together motivated people who want to make a lasting impact on climate change debate. Challenge Europe enables these ”Climate Advocates”, coming from 13 different European countries and all walks of life, to improve their knowledge of climate change issues and provides a platform for them to develop innovative and practical projects to reduce carbon use. The project will harness the power of arts and cultural exchange to make the message more effective.

As part of the Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki the British Council made a commitment to focus the Challenge Europe in Finland not only to mitigating climate change but also to helping to recover the Baltic Sea. By focusing on the effects of climate change on one of our dearest natural resources, we hope to motivate people to take concrete steps towards combating climate change.

We are now recruiting 15 passionate young people in Finland to become Climate Advocates. As a Climate Advocate you will benefit from capacity building by experts from Finland and UK and possibility to take part in international networking events. In exchange for the chance to participate in the project, you are asked to commit approximately 150 hours of your time. Over the period of one year you will be part of a multidisciplinary country team working together in developing concrete ideas which have the potential to bring about carbon reductions and help to recover the Baltic Sea through changes in policy, business or human behaviour. Supported by the British Council, the project teams will then pitch their ideas to broader publics, specifically reaching out to decision-makers and organisations, campaigning for implementation and support in an effort to make the ideas become reality.

If you wish to apply to become a Climate Advocate go here to find out more and find application forms. Deadline for applications is Friday 23 April. The selected Climate Advocates will meet for the first time on Saturday 8 May when we organise a climate seminar in Helsinki together with Dodo ry. This seminar is open for all who are interested in climate change and how it affects the Baltic Sea.