Saturday, August 29, 2009

Competitivity of Company - implementation at TAMK

Optional course at TAMK that might interest Environmental Engineering students too (free choice studies)

- End of registration through Winha for this course:Friday 4 September 2009:

Competitivity of Company, N-KV22, implementation 1, 1 credit

- Lecturer: Prof. Robert Zich, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
- Language of tuition: English

Contact teaching:
* Tuesday 8.9. at 17.10 - 20.00, auditorium D1-02 and
* Wednesday 9.9. at 17.10 - 20.00 auditorium D1-02 and
* Thursday 10.9. at 17.10 - 20.00, auditorium D1-02

1.Competition - introduction to all topics
2.Competitiveness developed through strategic management process - traditional approach and Resource Based View
3.Success ability conception - alternative possibility how to analyze competitive position of company
4.Competitive behavior - emphasize on examples of behavior of companies with focus on marketing and advertising

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome to join G.L.O.B.E.'s activities on academica year 2009 - 2010

On my behalf, I welcome you all to follow the very own (and first ever!) blog of the Student club G.L.O.B.E. Also, I would like to welcome all Enve students of TAMK contribute to this blog and most importantly, to join the activities of GLOBE of which you will find more from here or through your Enve-email and friends.

Academic years 2007 – 2009 I have been the vice-chair of GLOBE and have been following GLOBE’s journey during my school years. Now, August 2009 I will step up to the president’s shoes since the last chair person Gareth is graduated and on his way to new challenges.

I am happy to say that last spring we managed to get GLOBE and more students more and more active and achieved goals that we had set. We arranged a successful ”Ecoday @ Ritakatu”, financed by the City of Tampere’s climate campaign called ILMANKOS, we made an official draft for TAMK to improve their printing practises and managed to open a dialogue and got small improvements in that area and most of all, ideas to the TAMKs managements’heads and minds that we are there to care about the environmental behaviour of our school!

As we know, big changes don’t happen fast especially in our field of Environmental issues, but we need to keep the flag and hopes flying high and be happy for every small step we take forward in protecting and cherishing the land and water that feed us.

I and other GLOBE’s board members will be posting here more in the near future and hope you to join GLOBE’s activities. There are links in the Blog to find the contact details and other information and some pictures here, please check out!

If you wish to write to the blog or you have ideas to develop it further (layout, links..) please don’t hesitate to contact us at: globe.tamk(AT)

Environmentally friendly regards,