Wednesday, December 30, 2009

get-together seminar for Enve graduates and students 2010!

This is for all Enve graduates and students:

You are all cordially invited to join a special get-together seminar on Friday 12.2.2010.
We will start with mutual soup lunch at 12 at TAMK.

Kindly inform us about your participation by sending a message to enve's study secretary Eeva Heikkilä at eeva.heikkila AT by 5.2.2010.

Hope to see you all then!

With Happy Seasons Greetings to all on the behalf of the enve team, Marjukka Dyer.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

COP15 is over and although poor results, Merry Christmas!

Oh well, COP15 is over. Climate negotiations that did not even go near to tackle the climate change we face. That so many people had high hopes for. No binding agreement was written, only declaration which does not decrease emissions nor set way for measures.

See news and posts about the climate summit from some of the blogs we follow or links you can find from these sites or see for example the Guardian Climate summit pages and also this comment in the same pages.

Something funny to the end to listen and smile here

Merry Christmas to all the enves, blog readers or people who find their way right here to read this!


P.S. The board of GLOBE has changed and hopefully the new board will introduce themselves soon here and post us many interesting news, jobs, events, you name it!

picture: my sister Ilona

Sunday, December 20, 2009

working for Redcross

Redcross in Finland is looking for experts from the field of water- and sanitation. Sorry, could not find this in English, perhaps they offer more information in the website?

"Oletko alasi ammattilainen? Oletko valmis työskentelemään haastavissa olosuhteissa, mielenkiintoisten kansainvälisten tehtävien parissa?

Suomen Punainen Risti tarvitsee kansainväliseen henkilöreserviinsä vesi- ja sanitaatioalan asiantuntijoita ja osaajia. Tarjoamme henkilöreservimme jäsenille ainutlaatuisen mahdollisuuden olla osana maailmalla tapahtuvaa katastrofi- ja kehitysyhteistyötä. Lähetämme avustustyöntekijöitä lyhyt- tai pitkäaikaisiin ohjelmiin ja operaatioihin eri puolille maailmaa. Kaikki avustustyöntekijämme ovat palkallisessa työsuhteessa toimivia oman alansa ammattilaisia. Vapaaehtoisia emme lähetä ulkomaille."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

MEP Satu Hassi in Metso library on Monday 7th December

Mrs. Satu Hassi, a member of the European Parliament is meeting people
in the main library Metso on the 7th of December relating to climate change issues.

Satu Hassi is answering to the following question:

"Is the EU ambitious enough in its climate goals?"

Also The Head of Environmental Issues of the city of Tampere, Kaisu Anttonen is present at the spot:

"How to achieve the climate goals in the Tampere region?"

Glögi is being served...

Time and place:
7th of December, 10-11.30 am
Metso main library, Lecture room 1.


Ilmastoaiheiset Meppikahvit Metsossa 7. joulukuuta

Aika: Maanantai, 7.12. klo 10 -11.30.

Paikka: Tampereen kaupunginkirjasto Metso, Pirkankatu 2, luentosali 1


Euroopan parlamentin jäsen Satu Hassi (vihr, Greens/EFA)

- "Onko EU tarpeeksi kunnianhimoinen ilmastonsuojelussa?"

Tampereen kaupungin ympäristöpäällikkö Kaisu Anttonen:

-"Miten Tampereen kaupunkiseudun ilmastotavoitteet voidaan toteuttaa?"

Tervetuloa mukaan!


Tilaisuuden järjestää Pirkanmaan Eurooppatiedotus

1st organic garden -project meeting at TAMK

Here comes the overview of the first (organic) garden meeting that was held on wednesday, 25.11.:

1. Introduction of the school project (students growing their own organic and "green" food, applying knowledge, getting new knowledge)

2. What already happened (contact to GLOBE, assurance of financial support from them; ILMANKOS - Tampere's climate change campaign -meeting and application for money from there is in progress; Mari Korhonen from TAMK, ENVE, is at the moment in Australia doing studi
es on permaculture, coming back during December, offered help)

3. Discussion about the scale and frame of the garden --> starting in a small scale and seeing where it goes, protocolling of happenings to get study points/credits

4. Introduction by Eeva-Liisa of the greenhouse that is in construction in the I-building - possible cooperation? Space on the roof of the building for the chemical engineers, maybe also here the possibility of joining.

5. Marjukka about projects in general (as mentioned in 3., doing something and protocolling it leads to credits :) )

6. Discussion about different possibilities for locations (on the schoolyard only in pots, e.g. besides the gym, maybe growing the sprouts inside the schoolbuilding, using unused spaces, contact person in any cases concerning activities on the school area is Mi
kko Luoto)

7. Short video

8. Closing the meeting

And another thing: At the GLOBE meeting we got offered a piece of land from Risto, 10mx10m, in a gardening area near Näsijärvi, only 2 km from Ritakatu. I will let you know more when I know more and Mari is back, because the next meeting we need to plan with her. She will bring two videos about permaculture and there we will decide next steps on how to proceed/what we want to do exactly (what kind of vegetables we grow, how to manage the maintanance of the garden, timetables,...)


Think already about your favourite vegetables and if you have things you want to try out in the garden! Next time it is brainstorming-time! :)

Magdalena, 08IENVE


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book of record from the Annual meeting of G.L.O.B.E.

Student Club G.L.O.B.E for environmental engineering students
The book of record for the Annual General Meeting of the G.L.O.B.E.

Date: 27th November 2009
Time: 3 pm
Place: TAMK, opposite to staff canteen

1. Opening of the meeting : 15.08 o’clock
People participating the meeting: Yoav Magen, Aino-Maija Kyykoski, Amine Khelia, You Zhou, Gareth James, Risto Mäennenä, Santtu Palokangas, Maria Moradi, Magdalena Gerlach, Kaisa Valkonen, Kaisa Kätkä, Vilhelmiina Harju

2. The election of the chairman and secretary for the meeting. The election of the inspectors (2) of the records.
Chairperson of the meeting: Aino-Maija Kyykoski
Secretary : Santtu Palokangas
2 Inspectors of records: Kaisa Valkonen, Amine Khelia.

3. Stating the legality and quorum of the meeting
(Globe is a part of Tamko, therefore the legality and quorum of the meeting is in order and taken care by Tamko.)
Balance of the Globe bank-account: 31,50 €, (to be confirmed by the accountant of Globe)

4. Approving of the meeting agenda

5. Representing the auditing, annual report and the statement of the accountants

6. Deciding of the confirmation of the auditing and allowing the discharge of liability for the board and other accountables.

7. Confirming the plan of action, estimates of revenue and expenditure and the amount of the joining- and membership fee
No membership fee for the year 2010.
Plan of action:
Keeping up the student activities for the Enve-Students.
Applying money from TAMKO (club assistance money and shit)
EU-money from
Erasmus-money for trips and shit.

8. The election of the chairperson of the board for 2010
Chairperson: Risto Mäennenä

9. The election of the vice- president and secretary of the board for 2010. Electing the other members for the board if wanted
Following persons will form the G.L.O.B.E-board for the year 2010

Vice Chairperson/Gardener: Magdalena Gerlach
Secretary: Kaisa Valkonen
GLOBE Godfather: Gareth James ( Gareth.james AT )
Blog posting-persons / producer of content: Maria Moradi
Sports person/ Social bum: Santtu Palokangas
(Press officer, International affairs officer: => can be agreed later if wanted)
Chinese liaison: You Zhou

10. Open forum (plans for future!) Christmas party, globe blog, projects….
1) The flea market for TAMK-students, after christmas (march-april)
2) The football-match in April between first and the second year students.
->A participation fee: one case of beer/team, winner gets it all.
”PANEM ET CIRCENSES” – Bread and circus events
3) The Alumni-event in spring organized by GLOBE
4) A prom in the spring for the graduating students?
5) Globe 5-year gathering; History, people gathering together
6) Organic garden -project
7) Pre-christmas party :Who takes care of the organizing.
8) Gardening possibility for interested people this spring.
1 is in Ruotula, ask Magdalena Gerlach or Risto Mäennenä for more info.
11. Closing the meeting
Meeting closed 16.30
12. P.S. Someone find out what happened to the ”paper” issue…
=> the old chair person will tell and write about the ”paper” issue later on and yes, that should be asked at school from the personnel responsible. Also energy efficiency at school could be one GLOBE’s targets in near future.

Kiitos ja hyvää joulua!
Thank you and merry christmas.

climate fraud

For those who have had a hard time believing that there is also fraud involved in the "science" that indicates man made global warming is certain:

video overview at

Understanding Climategate: Who’s Who – a video:

Cooler Heads Event with Dr. Richard Lindzen on Cap and Trade (long presentation) global warming...

brief summary of climategate emails:

longer summary

links to the climategate scandal

online location of the leaked emails here and here

all emails, datasets and programs leaked from Hadley Climate Research Unit in East Anglia:
google and download -


Friday, November 27, 2009

Namibia - Waste Management Research

During a period of 5 weeks between mid October and mid November i had the privelidge to join the local autorities project between the municipalities of Lempaala and Kangasala in Finland and Ondangwa and Keetmanshoop in Namibia.

Namibia found to be beautiful, quiet, untouched country. Simple in many ways. Namibia is also very young country after got independent at 1990 and it seems that they are still trying finding their way as a country.

The project has few fields of research and one of them is waste management and a team of 3 students: Minna from University of Tampere, Pheps from Polytechnic of Namibia and i from TAMK. I will write my thesis based on the field work.
We spent 2 weeks in Keetmanshoop and 2 weeks in Ondangwa interviewing municipality workers, Enterprises managers and Local residents to hear about the current practicies of recycling and treating solid waste in their towns.

In Ondangwa we found a plastic factory which collects plastic bags, recycle them to make irrigation and water plastic pipes. In a town about 60km away from Ondangwa we found a Plastic factory collecting Polypropylene (PP) and forms plastic basins and buckets. These were a very refreshing and interesting sights since other companies just collects the waste and transport it outside to South Africa.

The main problem comes to my mind is the lack of innovation and the careless of act unless any sort of financial benefit is there. We found recycling centers and factories though some strugle for any cent they could save or get.

Many things has to be done, though we tried to explain to everyone we met that it will never happened while people in Namibia get their help from Other countries. It can only happened while the people of Namibia will do it by themselves.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Annual meeting for the Student Club G.L.O.B.E.

Hi all Enves,

I would like to invite you all to participate the annual general meeting of our own student club GLOBE.

GLOBE annual meeting:
When: November 27th at 3 pm
Where: at TAMK, lets meet in the lunch area opposite to the staff canteen
Who: each enve student

A new board will be elected and also some other general issues discussed. If you have anything concerning student activities at enve, please come and share it now. Generally the role of GLOBE has been to organise social and educational events for enve students, including even excursions abroad. GLOBE is a good way to think of applying official finance for projects too, cause its part of registered student union and has own bank account etc.

Please find the protocol of the meeting below. The meeting wont be anything too official and wont take too long although we have the "official" agenda for the annual meetings, wecan chat, have fun and plan everything for GLOBE's future! :)

Best regards,
president for GLOBE (autumn 2009)

P.S. GLOBE will have its traditional pre-christmas/christmas party on Sunday 13th December at 5pm onwards in Solu (tamkos saunaplace), mark the day to your calendars already and we will inform you more about that soon!


Student Club G.L.O.B.E for environmental engineering students

The Protocol of the Annual General Meeting of the G.L.O.B.E.

Date: 27th November 2009
Time: 3 pm
Place: TAMK, opposite to staff canteen

1. Opening of the meeting
2. The election of the chairman and secretary for the meeting. The election of the inspectors (2) of the records.
(3. Stating the legality and quorum of the meeting)
4. Approving of the meeting agenda
(5. Representing the auditing, annual report and the statement of the accountants)
6. Deciding of the confirmation of the auditing and allowing the discharge of liability for the board and other accountables
7. Confirming the plan of action, estimates of revenue and expenditure and the amount of the joining- and membership fee
8. The election of the chairperson of the board for 2010
9. The election of the vice- president and secretary of the board for 2010. Electing the other members for the board if wanted
10. Open forum (plans for future!) Christmas party, GLOBE blog, projects….
11. Closing the meeting

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The day is set, the time is set, now it is time for you to set your minds for a


Wednesday, 25th of November, at 17.00 (the place will still be announced)

Absolutely everyone is welcome, you can also bring friends with you if you want, this is going to be fun!

What we are going to do is to plan a school garden where we students, especially the ENVEs but I don't see a reason why others cannot join, will have the chance to grow our very own, ecologically correct food, where we can spend some time outside, where we can try out everything we want (first ideas are rainwater harvesting system, own ecological fertilizer, permaculture, garden on the roof...), where we can relax and follow our roots and dig in the mud. The end of the ready packed carrots and salads has come! No imported food anymore, no unknown chemicals in our meals!

This first meeting will be for gathering ideas, sharing knowledge, and setting up a first timeplan and a strategy. I am more than willing to put lots of energy into this project, but I cannot do this by myself, so I need every single one of you!

The planning period will be during the winter so that we can start in springtime to get into action.

So put your rubberboots on and get ready for next Wednesday!

I cannot wait to hear what ideas you all have!

post by Magdalena, student at TAMK

See also: TAMK's English blog's writing and pictures about this :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Climate debate about warming still goes on?

I heard the Nordic Climate day @ TAMK went great today, congratulations to all who prepared for it and hopefully the workhop ideas will stay alive still after today. Anyone who attended and follows this blog, please we would love to hear more of what you did?


Since it is the Nordic Climate day and I am enthusiastic about climate change I would like to comment or give some links about climate change and something related to current discussion in Finland about climate change..

On Monday at Finnish national TV channel Yle there was a programme about Climate change and how global warming is not real according to the journalist.. well, to start with, the programme MOT and its journalist Mr. Backman have never really been that creadible with their journalism in Finland so perhaps this should not even be commented, but there is a slight problem anyhow. Lots of people trust Yle and its contents in general and me, amongst many others, are surprised that programmes as this (English transcript of the broadcast):
are "allowed" to be shown as such. There is something serious going on in the world and it might be about a time to concentrate on facts and not find alternative interpretations of graphs and so on. Well its a long story and I am not gonna go into that now, but if you are interested I forward here few links that I found useful from my fellow student and that I follow on blog discussions. Some are in English, the blogs in Finnish, but even after the Finnish blogs you might find interesting references to English sites!

I heard that films watched at TAMK were the Venus theory and "The Great Global Warming Swindle"
Highly recommend at least the first one mentioned, the other clip I havent checked out yet..

By the way,
Had a chance to see the film "Age of Stupid" last friday and recommend that as well to all of you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nordic Climate Day at TAMK on 11th November

Interested? Anxious? Worried? Willing to hear, know or do more?

COME and hear what the very first speaker of the very first NORDIC CLIMATE DAY in TAMK has to say about current climate policy.

Meri Pukarinen, the campaign coordinator of the Big Ask-climate bill campaign (coordinated by the Friends of the Earth) is a young, inspiring and active doer. Meri has already met with the politicians and decision makers, now she will be telling us about the Big Ask-campaign. Should we in Finland have our own climate bill? Meri will also discuss about the United Nation's Climate Conference in Copenhagen in less than a month.

She will be initiating us into the most burning environmental topic of today, don't miss it.

Place: Auditorium D1-04
Time: 10:00-11:30

Other topics of the Nordic Climate day:

From 12:30 onwards, it is possible to hear about Environmental Engineering students excursion to Estonia.

From 14:00 onwards, Environmental Engineering students arrange a workshop about Energy & Ecoefficient Housing.

You are all most warmly welcome!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tar Sands - the dirtiest way to make oil - lecture in English at Tampere University 9th November

There will be really interesting lecture, see more details below (the lecture is in English!!)

When: On Monday 9th November (9.11.2009) at 4 pm
Where: At the University of Tampere (main building) lecture room: A2B (2nd floor)

Falk Beyer, campaigner and journalist
from Germany, gives lecture on Monday, November 9th at
the University of Tampere. After the talk there is the
possibility to watch the film "Power of Community: How Cuba Survived
Peak Oil"

Arranged by TAMY's environmental club and

Tar Sands - the dirtiest way to make oil

While conventional oil resources are running out the oil industry is
forcing new ?unconventional? sources. In the Canadian province Alberta
nearly all big oil companies of the world currently are working hard to
destroy an area as big as Switzerland - they are looking for the Tar
Sands, a very oil-bearing soil. Alberta provides with the Tar Sands the
second biggest oil reserve in the world. But its a very dirty and
poisonous process to make the bitumen contained by the Tar Sands to an
useable oil. Extracting this unconventional oil resource doesn?t mean
only the destruction of large ecosystems but is also connected with
the continued disregard of indigenous rights and dispossessing of the
First Nations of Canada. The presentation is based on images taken at
the Tar Sands mines in Canada and is the start of a European campaign
against the Tar Sands industry.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

prospective leaders from threshold and developing countries?

Check this out, interested and belong to their target group?

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's new fellowship programme promotes prospective leaders from threshold and developing countries who are engaged in climate protection and resource conservation in academia, business, government or non-governmental organisations.

Up to twenty fellows are scheduled to be funded annually. They will come to Germany for a year to collaborate with host partners on joint projects which promote the exchange of knowledge, methods and techniques.

The aim is to create a network of German and foreign experts who work together to combat climate change and its global consequences on a sustainable, international basis. The fellowships are funded through the Federal Environment Ministry's (BMU) International Climate Protection Initiative.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is running the programme in cooperation with the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the Centre for International Postgraduate Studies in Environmental Management (CIPSEM) at the TU Dresden, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) and the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC). The closing date for the first round of applications is 15 January 2010. The fellowship programme commences on 1 September 2010.

More information:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

service to borrow items

This is so cool and definitely environmentally friendly action; service to borrow and lend items. You can find suitcases, backpacks, tents, music equipment etc. Its in Finnish, but since its just easy vocabulary you may go and translate while reading (have you used for example online dictionary?)

the terms and conditions are pretty well planned as well so try to check them out. Good way as well to borrow your items you rarely use :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trekking trip to Helvetinjärvi national park on 30.10.2009

Its really beautiful, I really recommend this one!

Trekking trip to Helvetinjärvi national park on 30.10.2
Are you interested in joining your fellow students in an outdoorsy
trekking experience in the beautiful Helvetinjärvi national park? It's
going to be an enjoyable day amidst the stunningly beautiful and
peaceful environment of traditional Finnish lake-forest scenery. The
participants consist of UTA, TUT and TAMK students.

For the trip you need:

-comfy shoes to walk with
-clothes according to the weather
-some warm clothes for breaks
-something to eat during the day

The departure is at 9.00 (the bus that takes us there tours the
campuses to pick students up) and we'll be back in Tampere at
approximately 17.00. It takes around 1½h by bus to reach the national
park (80kms) so the time spent inside the park is about five hours.
We're offering you a guided tour to the uniquely GORGEous Helvetinkolu
gorge and from there to Haukanhieta. We're also going to have a break
when it's possible for you to eat around a warm campfire. The total
length for the trekking part is around 7kms.

All this costs a mere 5 euros which will be paid by the bus in cash. Sign
up for the trip by sending e-mail to with
"Vaellus09" as subject. Remember to tell which school you're coming
from (UTA/TUT/TAMK.) Deadline for signing up is 22.10.2009.

Everyone who signs up will receive further information later.

We welcome you to come and enjoy the astonishing nature Helvetinjärvi has to offer!

picture: Hannu Kopra, taken from

Sunday, October 18, 2009

COP15 - opportunity to travel to climate negotiations in December

Interested to go to Copenhagen to see the global COP15 climate negotiations in December? There is a rather ecological and cheap way to travel there from Finland + accomodation available included in the price. See more below, as much as I would love to have time to translate the whole stuff below into English, I dont, so here really briefly (international students please ask more from your Finnish fellow students). I would love to see few brave enves going there and keep on reporting shortly about the negotiations and the events in the city in December, if there are some, let me know and lets post greetings here then from you. Anyone?

briefly the points in the Finnish text below:
1. Deadline to enrol to the bustrip and accomodation is 31.10.2009!
2. informs the travel times and dates for accomdation available.
3. prices.
4. how to enrol, information concerning that.
5. everyone who participates is responsible for themselves and arranges their own programme in Copenhagen, this is only the trip and the accomodation.


Saa levittää!!


Tervetuloa ilmastovallankumoukselliselle matkalle Kööpenhaminan
ilmastokokouksen mielenosoituksiin!
Lue ohjeet ilmoittautumista varten tarkkaan, ja noudata niitä.


1. Ilmoittautumisten takaraja
Kaikki henkilö- ja ryhmäilmoittautumiset tulee tehdä 31.10. mennessä.
Tämä tarkoittaa, että matka tulee olla myös maksettu silloin.
Ilmoittautuminen on sitova, eikä maksua palauteta 31.10. jälkeen
lähtönsä peruville.

2. Matka-ajat, bussit ja majoitus
Matkaan lähtee näillä näkymin neljä bussia. Ilmoittautuneiden määrästä
riippuu, montako bussia saamme täyteen. Kaikki bussit lähtevät
liikkeelle torstaina 10.12. klo 17.00 Helsingin rautatieaseman luota.
Mukaan voi tulla myös suoraan Turusta.

Paluumatka alkaa maanantaiaamuna 14.12. Saavumme Turkuun tiistaina
15.12. klo 7.35 ja Helsinkiin n. klo 10-11. Yksi bussi on
Kööpenhaminassa 20.12. asti, ja palaa maanantaina 21.12. Turkuun klo
7.35 ja Helsinkiin n. klo 10-11. Tällä bussilla palaavat maksavat hieman
enemmän, sekä joutuvat huolehtimaan itselleen majoituksen 14.-20.12.
väliseksi ajaksi. Jos lähtijöitä pidemmälle matkalle ei tule
riittävästi, matka peruuntuu.

Matkojen tarkka aikataulu ja bussien lähtöpaikat ilmoitetaan lähtijöille
sähköpostitse marraskuussa.

Bussien hintaan sisältyy lattiamajoitus koulussa 11.-14.12. Voit myös
halutessasi järjestää itse itsellesi majoituksen.

3. Hinnat
Matka A, 10.-15.12.
150 eur/hlö

Matka B, 10.-20.12.
180 eur/hlö.

Vasemmistonuoret tukee omien jäsentensä matkoja. Lisätietoa:

4. Ilmoittautuminen ja maksaminen


Yhden hengen ilmoittautuminen tapahtuu tilisiirron kautta: Maksa sinua
koskeva maksu (riippuu, valitsetko matkan A vai matkan B ja oletko
Vasemmistonuorten jäsen) tilille 152130-4160. Viimeinen maksupäivä on
31.10. Laita viestiosaan seuraava teksti: KÖP15 sekä nimesi,
syntymäaikasi, sähköpostiosoitteesi ja puhelinnumerosi.
Esimerkiksi: KÖP15 Antti Aktivisti 130783


Useamman henkilön yksilöilmoittautuminen tai ryhmäilmoittautuminen
tapahtuu seuraavasti: Maksa edellämainitulle tilille kaikkien ryhmässä
matkustavien maksut 31.10. mennessä. Laita viestiosaan teksti KÖP15 ja
ryhmän nimi. Lähetä kampanjan sähköpostiosoitteeseen
(ilmastokampanja-ä 31.10. mennessä viesti, jossa on
ryhmän nimi ja jokaisesta matkustajasta seuraavat tiedot:
- nimi
- syntymäaika
- sähköpostiosoite
- puhelinnumero
- onko Vasemmistonuorten jäsen
- matka A vai matka B

Laita sähköpostiin liitteeksi kuitti tapahtuneesta maksusta. Jos sinulle
on mahdotonta saada sähköistä kuittia, kerro se sähköpostissa, niin
kampanjakoordinaattori tarkistaa maksun saapumisen.

5. Vain toiseen suuntaan matkustavat, matkan varrelta kyytiin tulevat

Bussikyyteihin otetaan ensisijaisesti molempiin suuntiin matkustavia
ihmisiä. 9.11. jälkeen voi kysellä vapaata tilaa busseista, jolloin
kyytiin voi tulla myös Tuhkolmasta ja vain toiseen suuntaan voi
matkustaa alennetulla hinnalla. Nämä hinnat sovitaan myöhemmin.

6. Vastuu ja alaikäiset matkalle lähtijät

Matkalla jokainen vastaa itsestään ja omasta osallistumisestaan
toimintaan Kööpenhaminassa. Matka toteutetaan force majoure -varauksin.
Matkavakuutuksen ottaminen matkaa varten on suositeltavaa.

KÖP15 - ilmastokampanja
kampanjakoordinaattori Minna Sumelius
puh. 045-2373907

KÖP15 - climatecampaign
Vasemmistonuoret - The Left Youth of Finland
campaign coordinator Minna Sumelius
+358 45 237 3907

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A poll, please vote!

Once you have voted please take a moment to comment on your answer below. For example if you answered that you use a third party  application please share with us which one. Also feel free to let us know if you would like to see more polls on this blog.

A perfect news story?

Now I am not saying this story is perfect in respect to it's writing or it's content. However what I really do like about this story is it's scope, and the potential that it offers.

In terms of scope, the ability to see a way to deal with the problem at hand is there, the areas of greatest concern are well highlighted and the facts are well established and clearly differentiated from conjecture.

In terms of potential. Well anyone who feels like they really want to "clean up" the oil industry has an instant in. Be they students or already in the job market. Students looking for something to right about ethics, Environmental or otherwise, are well served. If they need to discuss some economic factors or issues in the current light are presented with a wealth of information and a very good place to start. Then there is the ability to discuss the perception of environmental problems. There are references all over the article for this. I could go on and on...

The New York Times did not make it in to my top three of sources for good stories, mainly because they don't have a single destination for all their stories on the environment (they have a blog, the "By Degrees" sub heading and several by-lines) but this story, I feel, just highlights my point that there is always a story or article out there related to what you want to talk about. And sometimes, as in this case, you have an article that presents itself as both a really good article and a really, really good source for much further reading and writting!

Monday, October 12, 2009

News, news and more news...

But can there be a case made for "too much news"?

Over the yeas that I studied in TAMK the amount of environmental news stories and sites dedicated to covering such news grew tremendously. And while my old habits of hitting up the big "news corporations" continued I also had to contend with the corresponding "agenda's" that cane along with the stories from these sources. On some sites this was easier to spot, and for me to read between the lines so to speak. And of course no matter the source of the story, it was but the work of a moment to search for and read up on alternate reports on the same subject.

Then of course there is the massive amount of blogs, from the rarely, if ever, updated to the fanatics who post comments on any story that barley touches on anything to do with the environment! These days it is almost impossible not to be able to find any environmental story covered by people who share the same outlook as you.

But in theses days of social media and "mashups" is there a case to be made for there being "too much news"?

So with this in mind I would like to ask you to note down in a comment on this article what sources, be they internet or not, do you always find yourself turning to for environmental news, make it your top three, and which sites, if any, you always avoid, again and if you have that many, a top three. If you want you can give a very short explanation as to why you read what you read. Over the next few weeks, I will be making a note of a what you have all said and will post again later in the Autumn, an "ultimate guide to all things environmental news". That way then, never can an environmental engineering student ever utter the line "I couldn't find anything to write about..."

Top three sites I read for environmental news and stories:

1) Planet Ark News. Quite simply my ultimate one stop shop for news, analysis and ideas.
2) BBC News Science and Environment. I always find myself coming back to Auntie for it's perspective and more in depth reporting, along with it's diverse range of issues covered.
3) The Washington Post. Green. American, right at the heart of D.C. A newspaper that is always top notch with it's coverage of the American effort and perspective on all things environmental.

Top three sites I avoid for environmental news and stories:
1) CNN. Very little coverage outside of natural disaters, very basic reporting.
2) Sky News. The latest search I did on this site for the word "Environment" returned, as it's first result, a story that was from July 2008. Oh boy...
3) The Times Online. ...

So there you go. Not exactly the most provocative of lists, but my top three's none the less. I look forward to reading all of yours.

TAMKO trip to St Petersburg

Worth checking out? (Map from

TAMKO trip to St Petersburg 26.-29.11.09

Taken from: :

Awesome road trip to St Petersburg for TAMKO students! Special offer -guided tours to the State Hermitage museum and Catherine's palace for free! This trip has always been very popular, be sure to not be left out!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

MEKONG AT THE CROSSROADS -seminar on 15th October

Interesting event, in Helsinki, but worth checking out especially if you're interested in water issues.


WHEN: Thursday 15th October at 12.00 – 14.00
WHERE: Lecture hall 127, Tietotie 1A, Espoo, Water Resources Research Unit (Vesitekniikka), Helsinki University of Technology TKK

Seminar programme

12.00 Opening remarks: Mekong at the crossroads
- Olli Varis, Water & Development Research Group, TKK

12.15 The promise of flood protection: case Mekong Delta
- Bach Tan Sinh, National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS), Vietnam

12.45 Discussion

13.00 Hydropower & fisheries in the Mekong Region: what are the likely impacts?
- Marko Keskinen, Water & Development Research Group, TKK

13.20 Anti-politics of Mekong knowledge production
- Mira Käkönen, Finland Futures Research Centre / University of Helsinki

13.40 Discussion & conclusions

For more information, contact Marko Keskinen (, 050-3824626). Welcome!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clean Baltic Sea, job for a Finnish speaker - puhdas Itämeri - avoin työpaikka

Interesting jobs open now for any graduated enve with some work experience already, any alumni reading this site already? And for us still studying, yes there are jobs in Finland for us :) (sorry that this is only in Finnish the add, I know enves are international people, but hope you can still follow it and some people find this useful?)

See also:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Carrot mob of Tampere (Porkkanamafia) is on!

Friday 9th October the carrot mob Tampere is on! (see more about carrot mob in:

This time the target is a supermarket. The best bid to carrot mob Tampere was given from K-market in Tullintori and on Friday if you go shopping your groceries there all the extra income that the K-market gets on that day is spent (100%) on investements for energy efficiency in the store! How cool is that? So shop your weekend groceries from K-market Tullintori on this coming Friday :)

Did you know that at the moment we are also living "energy saving week" in Finland? This event is part of all events organized during this week.

info about the event in Finnish:

Tervehdys porkkanamafiasta!

Ensi perjantaina 9.10. Porkkanamafia tempaisee ensimmäistä kertaa
Suomessa päivittäistavarakauppaan. Tapaus on historiallinen myös
siksi, että kyseessä on ensimmäinen kahdessa kaupungissa yhtä
aikaa järjestettävä tempaus.

Kilpailutuksella kohteiksi valikoituivat K-market Tullintori
Tampereella ja K-Market Kotikontu Helsingin Rautatieaseman
asematunnelissa. Molemmat kauppiaat ovat sitoutuneet käyttämään
sata prosenttia tempauksen lisämyynnistä energiatehokkuuden
parantamiseen omassa myymälässään.

Käytännössä tämä voi tarkoittaa esimerkiksi kylmälaitteiden
parantamista, henkilöstön koulutusta tai vaikkapa
elintarvikevalikoiman suuntaamista vähähiilisemmäksi.

Tule tekemään viikonloppuostoksesi kauppaan, joka sijoittaa

Tempaus on osa Motivan järjestämää Energiansäästöviikkoa.

Lisätietoja osoitteesta

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tampere celebrates the 230 years birthday!

Thanks to Leena, here we go, still chance to go to events in Tampere on saturday evening or Sunday (sorry the ones on saturday and friday are already gone since the late posting of this one...!!) :)

Hi happy enves,
just to let you know, there are lots of happening in the city centre this weekend, also free of charge.
Tampere celebrates the 230 years birthday!

For example:

Saturday 3.10
9-18 Free entrance to Lenin museum (Hämeenpuisto 28)
10-17 Big handicraft happening in Tallipiha. "Design" and sweet are sold. Calligraphy, ceramics, music, horses, nice atmosphere (Tallipiha)
18 Fast dating in church! For 22-25 years old. (Aleksanterin kirkko)

Sunday 4.10
9-17 Tampere orthodoxian church is openfor public
10-16 Moreenia Tampere city environmental centre is open (Patosilta, Satakunnankatu 13 b, 3. floor.)
10-16 Tampere city central fire station. See the cars etc. Free. Satakunnankatu 16
10-16 Manse RG offers Tampere people free try of minigolf in Koulukatu
10-18 Muumilaakso, free entrance to Momin museum, (Hämeenpuisto 20)
10 - 18 Museokeskus Vapriikki, Museum Vapriikki, free entrance to the exhibitions (except the Sitting Bull)
10 - 18 Tampere Art museum, free entrance (Puutarhakatu 34)
10 - 18 Amuri työläiskortteli (museum part) How people lived before? Free entrance (Satakunnankatu 49)
10 - 18 Kivimuseo, Rockmuseum (stones not music! :) ) Freen entrance (Hämeenpuisto 20)
10-18 Big handicraft happening in Tallipiha. "Design" and sweet are sold. Calligraphy, ceramics, music, horses, nice atmosphere (Tallipiha)
11-15 Police station is open for public and they show eg the places for drunken people found in the streets :) Also a famous auction. (Tampereen pääpoliisiasema, Sorinkatu)
11-16 Tampere club has an photo exhibition of Tampere. (Raatihuone ground level)
11 - 18 Työväenmuseo Werstas, free entrance, workers museum(Väinö Linnan aukio 8)
11 - 18 Sara Hildénin taidemuseo, art museum Särkänniemi, free entrance

This is just a summary of all what is going on, check Tampere web sites for more information.
Happy birthday Tampere!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bikes in an auction on 4th october

Thanks, someone nice from us enves posted to all in enve email information about this auction where you might find bikes and other stuff. Copied from that mail:

"The police auction on Sunday 4th October if you need a bicycle (at the Tampere police station quite close to the bus station). The auction sells a lot of crap so I took some time to translate the announcement, which can be viewed here;

Bicycles will be put on display at 11:30 and the auction itself begins 12:00 at the main police station's inner court parking lot."

I have myself been to the auction once before and I must admit that I think most of the bikes were sold with too high price. That means that people there had no idea about market prices in my opinion.. So be critical about the prices, there are many other ways to find a used and cheap bike too. But at least the auction is something fun and interesting if nothing else. Be fast there, they have so many bikes that they are superfast in shouting them away!! and bring some cash with you. The other things they have such as digital cameras sound interesting too, hmm.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Registration of candidates for the student council election starts 22nd of September

Enve students, Did you notice this from Intra?

I would be really glad to see minimum of one active enve student there in the new council of TAMK and PIRAMK. Please enroll, there are no requirements to speak Finnish to enrol and be member of the union and in the council and board! I wish you good luck, and most importantly when the election comes all enves remember to vote the enve candidates! When we have a representative there in the council of the student union it is far more easy to get our voices heard whether it was the sports times that we want to reserve or the environmental issues we want to promote in new TAMK or anything, you name it.


TAMK University of Applied Sciences and Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences merge 1stof January 2010. On the same day their statutory students' unions Tamko and PAKO merge as well. The new students' union will be called The Students' Union of TAMK University of Applied Sciences (Tamko). The first coucil of the students' union will be voted upon 3rd and 4th of November. The council of 21 student members is the highes decicion-making power in the students' union as it decides upon the resources and objectives of the students' union as well as chooses the executive board of the union.

Registration of candidates for the students' union council election starts 22nd of September and lasts until 8th of October. All members of Students' Union Tamko and PAKO can put up as a candidate. Do note, that the council works in Finnish, so adequate Finnish skills are needed in order to manage the task of the representative. You can registrate as a candidate with a form you can find from the offices of the students' Unions Tamko and PAKO. Find out more from the websites of the students' unions and from the current chairpersons of the executive boards.

Tessa Ekola
044 0826560

Suvi Saarinen
045 672 2651


Sunday, September 20, 2009

"The Age of Stupid"

Hello everyone.

OK, some blatant advertising here, and I am hoping that for many of us this will severe as a reminder to go see this film, but just in case you have not noticed this here goes.

What: a film...

"The Age of Stupid"

"The Age of Stupid is the new four-year epic from McLibel director Franny Armstrong. Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite stars as a man living alone in the devastated world of 2055, looking at old footage from 2008 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?"

What are people saying about this film?:

  • The Guardian: "The first successful dramatisation of climate change to reach the big screen." and “Fascinating. The message, never stated but constantly emerging, is that we all have our self-justifying myths. These myths prevent us from engaging with climate change.” Read full review here
  • The Ecologist magazine: “Fantastic. Knocks spots off An Inconvenient Truth” Read full review here.
  • "I hate this film. I felt as if I was watching all my own excuses for not doing anything about climate change being stripped away from me. And it's tender and funny and wise as well.Can I just pretend I never saw it?" William Nicholson, Oscar-nominated writer of Shadowlands and Gladiator
  • "This wonderful film is like a bucket of cold water. I hope it wakes people from their slumber and helps galvanise real pressure on politicians to come up with an effective deal at the Copenhagen climate change summit." Tony Juniper, former head of Friends of the Earth
  • "Every single person in the country should be forcibly made to watch this film". Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London
Where and when can I see it?: PLEVNA, Itäinenkatu 4, 33210 Tampere. Tuesday 22/09/2009. 18:45!

Don't be late, and DON'T BRING THE CAR! Walk or bike please... ;-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Climate bill - what is it? - Mikä ilmastolaki?

Climate bill - what is it?

Event in Tampere about the Finnish Big Ask -campaign (Polttava Kysymys) and how to join to effect to climate politics in Finland. Event language is in Finnish and the advertisement in
Finnish below.

When: 23.9. at 6 pm in restaurant Artturi (Kauppakatu 9, Tampere)


Mikä ilmastolaki?

Tervetuloa tutustumaan ilmastopolitiikan nykytilanteeseen ja Polttava
kysymys -kampanjaan keskiviikkona 23.9. klo 18 Ravintola Artturissa
(Kauppakatu 9, Tampere).

Kampanjakoordinaattori Meri Pukarinen alustaa tilaisuudessa
ilmastopolitiikan nykytilanteesta Suomessa ja ma
ailmalla, ja kertoo
mistä ilmastolaissa ja sitä vaativassa Polttava kysymys -kampanjassa
lopulta oikein on kysymys.

Esittelyssä ovat lisäksi Tampereen Maan ystävät, sekä Suomen Polttava
kysymys -kampanjan Tampereen paikallisryhmä.

Jaossa keksejä, teetä ja vinkkejä konkreettiseen toimintaan ilmasto-

ja ympäristöasioihin vaikuttamiseksi! Älä missaa tätä!

Lisätietoja: Petra Joensuu 050-3789664

Monday, September 14, 2009

World Carfree Day on 22 September

Friends of the Earth Finland's member association in Tampere arranges biking "event" in Tampere in the World Carfree Day on September 22nd. The event is biking together in the city to have fun and show to cars that bikers have a right to exist and drive safely in the city too. Together with a big amount of people we can make an impact right here in Tampere where it often feels unsafe to bike in the road with the cars or diffcult in the path with the pedestrians. Gathering together will be 22.9.2009 at 5 pm in Tullintori (between Klubi and Passion).

What is it really about?:

"Every September 22, people from around the world get together in the streets, intersections, and neighbourhood blocks to remind the world that we don't have to accept our car-dominated society." Learn more here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big second hand sales event in Tampere on 13.9.

This is a must to go. Tomorrow 13.9. big second hand sales event in the middle of the city in Keskustori. Sellers come with their cars and park them to the places in Keskustori which they have reserved and sell from their trunk :) Really nice stuff with mostly good prices, dont forget to bargain and take enough cash and bags (to carry the items you buy) with you :P

The second hand event is on
13th September from 10-15 only!

See more from this link

picture: aamulehti/moro

Friday, September 11, 2009

NEWS update: The Rise of 'Climate Protectionism'

Something interesting related to climate change and global change from South Centre.

South Bulletin (Issue 40, 10 September 2009) - The Rise of 'Climate Protectionism'

Any opinions about this? The forum (this blog and posting by comments below here) is open for discussion :)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Practical Training - Eilat, Israel

I have been doing my practical training in the southern city of Israel - Eilat.
Surrounding by amazing mountains and lovely coral reef bay and temperatures that rises to +40.

I was working in the National Center for Mariculture (NCM) which is the research institute of aquaculture in Israel. My task
was to improve the Denitrification Unit that
was developed in the institute.

Till 2005 the growth of fish made at sea by fish cages. Due to the rapid degradation of the coral reef conditions the cages were pulled out and a land base system was developed. Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous which excreting by the fish causing growth of algae which blocks the sun light and the effect is a relatively fast death of coral reefs life.

To prevent nutrients flow to the sea the land system uses 2 processes: Nitrification and Denitrification. When the denitrification reactor was built, researchers noticed a unique process which breaks the Nitrate (NO3) to Nitrogen Gas (N2) called Anammox. Nitrification bacteria breaks the Ammonia (NH3) into Nitrite (NO2) and Nitrate and the Denitrification process breaks the Nitrate into nitrogen gas by using the anammox bacteria.

The development of the denitrification unit is part of the MERC project financed by the USAID. The main goal of the project is to developing a RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture system) which will reduce the impact of the Aqaba Bay sea life. The project is a cooperation between NCM in Eilat and MSS (The Marine Science Station) in Aqaba with technological assistant of the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in Haifa, Israel.

When i think at my 6 months of training i could definitely say i learned a lot. During my training i have been experiencing field work and sampling, laboratory work and office work while the experience of doing practical work do help you get more confident on your abilities and actions.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Climate change related lectures in the University of Tampere

Interested in Climate change? There is something going on in the University of Tampere, its on Finnish, but those able to follow that one please check:

Ilmastonmuutosaiheinen luentosarja 7.9.-12.10.2009 yliopistolla

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sports for Enves on Fridays!

Common P.E. turn for all Enve's, meaning that every Friday the TAMK gym (and sports hall) is in our use from 12.00 to 14.00 o'clock.

We can play futsal, floorball and basketball and the possibility to use the gym
will be clarified later. Most likely it can be used. This turn is for all Enve's and there is a possibility to go to shower and Sauna after the games. FREE OF CHARGE for us Enves!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at here by commenting this post or contact GLOBE board: globe.tamk(at)

Let's play some floorball.. :)

G.L.O.B.E. - kick off meeting for autumn 2009

Friday 4th September after the sports opportunity (will post about this separately and more soon!) for us enves we will have a kick off meeting for G.L.O.B.E. student club for this autumn. EVERY ENVE-student is welcome!

What: G.L.O.B.E. Student Club's meeting and catch up
Where: At TAMK, in info cafe (lunch place next to the library)
Who: All environmental Engineering students interested in environmental activities, trips, excursions, parties, or what ever comes up to your mind..
When: 4th September, at 14:30

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Competitivity of Company - implementation at TAMK

Optional course at TAMK that might interest Environmental Engineering students too (free choice studies)

- End of registration through Winha for this course:Friday 4 September 2009:

Competitivity of Company, N-KV22, implementation 1, 1 credit

- Lecturer: Prof. Robert Zich, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
- Language of tuition: English

Contact teaching:
* Tuesday 8.9. at 17.10 - 20.00, auditorium D1-02 and
* Wednesday 9.9. at 17.10 - 20.00 auditorium D1-02 and
* Thursday 10.9. at 17.10 - 20.00, auditorium D1-02

1.Competition - introduction to all topics
2.Competitiveness developed through strategic management process - traditional approach and Resource Based View
3.Success ability conception - alternative possibility how to analyze competitive position of company
4.Competitive behavior - emphasize on examples of behavior of companies with focus on marketing and advertising

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome to join G.L.O.B.E.'s activities on academica year 2009 - 2010

On my behalf, I welcome you all to follow the very own (and first ever!) blog of the Student club G.L.O.B.E. Also, I would like to welcome all Enve students of TAMK contribute to this blog and most importantly, to join the activities of GLOBE of which you will find more from here or through your Enve-email and friends.

Academic years 2007 – 2009 I have been the vice-chair of GLOBE and have been following GLOBE’s journey during my school years. Now, August 2009 I will step up to the president’s shoes since the last chair person Gareth is graduated and on his way to new challenges.

I am happy to say that last spring we managed to get GLOBE and more students more and more active and achieved goals that we had set. We arranged a successful ”Ecoday @ Ritakatu”, financed by the City of Tampere’s climate campaign called ILMANKOS, we made an official draft for TAMK to improve their printing practises and managed to open a dialogue and got small improvements in that area and most of all, ideas to the TAMKs managements’heads and minds that we are there to care about the environmental behaviour of our school!

As we know, big changes don’t happen fast especially in our field of Environmental issues, but we need to keep the flag and hopes flying high and be happy for every small step we take forward in protecting and cherishing the land and water that feed us.

I and other GLOBE’s board members will be posting here more in the near future and hope you to join GLOBE’s activities. There are links in the Blog to find the contact details and other information and some pictures here, please check out!

If you wish to write to the blog or you have ideas to develop it further (layout, links..) please don’t hesitate to contact us at: globe.tamk(AT)

Environmentally friendly regards,

Monday, June 15, 2009

What is GLOBE?

That question is not one that I think has a hard and fast answer but I have had a go at an answer:

On the 16th of November 2008 I wrote this piece on the, then new, GLOBE forum:

“Well, G.L.O.B.E. was founded by environmental engineering students for environmental engineering students. If you have concerns about your studies then we will point you in the direction of the best person in TAMK to help, if you want some advice on aspects of your studies and student life in general then we are here to listen and help! But we are more than that. We want to get pro-active on the environmental issues that concern and effect us all, we want to help shape the future of environmental engineering, in TAMK, in Finland and around the world. We want your help in calling attention to and solving problems in the environment. GLOBE is much, much more than just a society for getting drunk together, for while we love a party as much as the next bunch, we want to make a difference!! AND A BIG ONE AT THAT! As a student body we offer such an incredible rich and diverse background that we can use for the advantage of everyone, so be proud to be a part of something BOLD!”

So to a more general view.

GLOBE is a student run society with lofty ideals! A society for anyone studying Environmental Engineering at TAMK, be it for 4 years or 4 weeks, your all welcome and the moment you start your studies at TAMK you automatically become a member. There is no joining fee, all that is asked is that you GET INVOLVED!

Environmental Engineering students are an incredible friendly bunch of people, who share many common ideals and while the academic programme is why your here, taking time to grow the social aspect of being an Env. Eng. Student is why GLOBE is here! GLOBE organises a wide range of social events, from Christmas Parties to cultural visits, but always with an ecological stand point! The students of the Environmental Engineering degree programme come from every corner of the globe, and harnessing that diversity is a big part of the ethos of GLOBE. Participating in GLOBE events with your fellow students not only further cements friendships but shows everyone the wide variety of ideas that only a group of students such as ours can achieve, and these ideas and ways of working not only contribute to a successful GLOBE event or initiative but can stay with you into your working lives and can help us all go onto be better engineers and ultimately better people.

Gareth :-)

What is going on here then?


So as you can see this is the first post. For now. This blog is in the process of being settup over the following two and a bit months (June, July and August 2009) ready for the start of the new academic year at the end of August 2009. Why?

Well as you can see my name is Gareth James, and for the academic year that ended in May 2009 I was the president of GLOBE. And even though GLOBE is not in anyway my creation, over the last year I think it can be said that GLOBE has shifted and moved in a new and exciting direction. As part of that, the whole board of the 2008-2009 academic year have made a concious effort to make sure that those who come after us have a strong infrastructure to build on and work with as they make their own marks on the world!

A small and, hopefuly, well used part of that, is this blog. I will admit that our old forum was not so great but I hope that this blog can run as both a place to discuss the hot issues in the ever evolving world in which we live as well as a continuous resource engine for students old and new to come back to check up life in the Environmental Engineering degree programme at TAMK.

With that in mind I will be posting a few times over the next few months to setup a base that who ever takes over in August can build on, and obviously I think it will see all of my older posts consigned to the archives! But after all, everything has to start somewhere!

Gareth. :-)