Wednesday, December 30, 2009

get-together seminar for Enve graduates and students 2010!

This is for all Enve graduates and students:

You are all cordially invited to join a special get-together seminar on Friday 12.2.2010.
We will start with mutual soup lunch at 12 at TAMK.

Kindly inform us about your participation by sending a message to enve's study secretary Eeva Heikkilä at eeva.heikkila AT by 5.2.2010.

Hope to see you all then!

With Happy Seasons Greetings to all on the behalf of the enve team, Marjukka Dyer.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

COP15 is over and although poor results, Merry Christmas!

Oh well, COP15 is over. Climate negotiations that did not even go near to tackle the climate change we face. That so many people had high hopes for. No binding agreement was written, only declaration which does not decrease emissions nor set way for measures.

See news and posts about the climate summit from some of the blogs we follow or links you can find from these sites or see for example the Guardian Climate summit pages and also this comment in the same pages.

Something funny to the end to listen and smile here

Merry Christmas to all the enves, blog readers or people who find their way right here to read this!


P.S. The board of GLOBE has changed and hopefully the new board will introduce themselves soon here and post us many interesting news, jobs, events, you name it!

picture: my sister Ilona

Sunday, December 20, 2009

working for Redcross

Redcross in Finland is looking for experts from the field of water- and sanitation. Sorry, could not find this in English, perhaps they offer more information in the website?

"Oletko alasi ammattilainen? Oletko valmis työskentelemään haastavissa olosuhteissa, mielenkiintoisten kansainvälisten tehtävien parissa?

Suomen Punainen Risti tarvitsee kansainväliseen henkilöreserviinsä vesi- ja sanitaatioalan asiantuntijoita ja osaajia. Tarjoamme henkilöreservimme jäsenille ainutlaatuisen mahdollisuuden olla osana maailmalla tapahtuvaa katastrofi- ja kehitysyhteistyötä. Lähetämme avustustyöntekijöitä lyhyt- tai pitkäaikaisiin ohjelmiin ja operaatioihin eri puolille maailmaa. Kaikki avustustyöntekijämme ovat palkallisessa työsuhteessa toimivia oman alansa ammattilaisia. Vapaaehtoisia emme lähetä ulkomaille."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

MEP Satu Hassi in Metso library on Monday 7th December

Mrs. Satu Hassi, a member of the European Parliament is meeting people
in the main library Metso on the 7th of December relating to climate change issues.

Satu Hassi is answering to the following question:

"Is the EU ambitious enough in its climate goals?"

Also The Head of Environmental Issues of the city of Tampere, Kaisu Anttonen is present at the spot:

"How to achieve the climate goals in the Tampere region?"

Glögi is being served...

Time and place:
7th of December, 10-11.30 am
Metso main library, Lecture room 1.


Ilmastoaiheiset Meppikahvit Metsossa 7. joulukuuta

Aika: Maanantai, 7.12. klo 10 -11.30.

Paikka: Tampereen kaupunginkirjasto Metso, Pirkankatu 2, luentosali 1


Euroopan parlamentin jäsen Satu Hassi (vihr, Greens/EFA)

- "Onko EU tarpeeksi kunnianhimoinen ilmastonsuojelussa?"

Tampereen kaupungin ympäristöpäällikkö Kaisu Anttonen:

-"Miten Tampereen kaupunkiseudun ilmastotavoitteet voidaan toteuttaa?"

Tervetuloa mukaan!


Tilaisuuden järjestää Pirkanmaan Eurooppatiedotus

1st organic garden -project meeting at TAMK

Here comes the overview of the first (organic) garden meeting that was held on wednesday, 25.11.:

1. Introduction of the school project (students growing their own organic and "green" food, applying knowledge, getting new knowledge)

2. What already happened (contact to GLOBE, assurance of financial support from them; ILMANKOS - Tampere's climate change campaign -meeting and application for money from there is in progress; Mari Korhonen from TAMK, ENVE, is at the moment in Australia doing studi
es on permaculture, coming back during December, offered help)

3. Discussion about the scale and frame of the garden --> starting in a small scale and seeing where it goes, protocolling of happenings to get study points/credits

4. Introduction by Eeva-Liisa of the greenhouse that is in construction in the I-building - possible cooperation? Space on the roof of the building for the chemical engineers, maybe also here the possibility of joining.

5. Marjukka about projects in general (as mentioned in 3., doing something and protocolling it leads to credits :) )

6. Discussion about different possibilities for locations (on the schoolyard only in pots, e.g. besides the gym, maybe growing the sprouts inside the schoolbuilding, using unused spaces, contact person in any cases concerning activities on the school area is Mi
kko Luoto)

7. Short video

8. Closing the meeting

And another thing: At the GLOBE meeting we got offered a piece of land from Risto, 10mx10m, in a gardening area near Näsijärvi, only 2 km from Ritakatu. I will let you know more when I know more and Mari is back, because the next meeting we need to plan with her. She will bring two videos about permaculture and there we will decide next steps on how to proceed/what we want to do exactly (what kind of vegetables we grow, how to manage the maintanance of the garden, timetables,...)


Think already about your favourite vegetables and if you have things you want to try out in the garden! Next time it is brainstorming-time! :)

Magdalena, 08IENVE


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book of record from the Annual meeting of G.L.O.B.E.

Student Club G.L.O.B.E for environmental engineering students
The book of record for the Annual General Meeting of the G.L.O.B.E.

Date: 27th November 2009
Time: 3 pm
Place: TAMK, opposite to staff canteen

1. Opening of the meeting : 15.08 o’clock
People participating the meeting: Yoav Magen, Aino-Maija Kyykoski, Amine Khelia, You Zhou, Gareth James, Risto Mäennenä, Santtu Palokangas, Maria Moradi, Magdalena Gerlach, Kaisa Valkonen, Kaisa Kätkä, Vilhelmiina Harju

2. The election of the chairman and secretary for the meeting. The election of the inspectors (2) of the records.
Chairperson of the meeting: Aino-Maija Kyykoski
Secretary : Santtu Palokangas
2 Inspectors of records: Kaisa Valkonen, Amine Khelia.

3. Stating the legality and quorum of the meeting
(Globe is a part of Tamko, therefore the legality and quorum of the meeting is in order and taken care by Tamko.)
Balance of the Globe bank-account: 31,50 €, (to be confirmed by the accountant of Globe)

4. Approving of the meeting agenda

5. Representing the auditing, annual report and the statement of the accountants

6. Deciding of the confirmation of the auditing and allowing the discharge of liability for the board and other accountables.

7. Confirming the plan of action, estimates of revenue and expenditure and the amount of the joining- and membership fee
No membership fee for the year 2010.
Plan of action:
Keeping up the student activities for the Enve-Students.
Applying money from TAMKO (club assistance money and shit)
EU-money from
Erasmus-money for trips and shit.

8. The election of the chairperson of the board for 2010
Chairperson: Risto Mäennenä

9. The election of the vice- president and secretary of the board for 2010. Electing the other members for the board if wanted
Following persons will form the G.L.O.B.E-board for the year 2010

Vice Chairperson/Gardener: Magdalena Gerlach
Secretary: Kaisa Valkonen
GLOBE Godfather: Gareth James ( Gareth.james AT )
Blog posting-persons / producer of content: Maria Moradi
Sports person/ Social bum: Santtu Palokangas
(Press officer, International affairs officer: => can be agreed later if wanted)
Chinese liaison: You Zhou

10. Open forum (plans for future!) Christmas party, globe blog, projects….
1) The flea market for TAMK-students, after christmas (march-april)
2) The football-match in April between first and the second year students.
->A participation fee: one case of beer/team, winner gets it all.
”PANEM ET CIRCENSES” – Bread and circus events
3) The Alumni-event in spring organized by GLOBE
4) A prom in the spring for the graduating students?
5) Globe 5-year gathering; History, people gathering together
6) Organic garden -project
7) Pre-christmas party :Who takes care of the organizing.
8) Gardening possibility for interested people this spring.
1 is in Ruotula, ask Magdalena Gerlach or Risto Mäennenä for more info.
11. Closing the meeting
Meeting closed 16.30
12. P.S. Someone find out what happened to the ”paper” issue…
=> the old chair person will tell and write about the ”paper” issue later on and yes, that should be asked at school from the personnel responsible. Also energy efficiency at school could be one GLOBE’s targets in near future.

Kiitos ja hyvää joulua!
Thank you and merry christmas.

climate fraud

For those who have had a hard time believing that there is also fraud involved in the "science" that indicates man made global warming is certain:

video overview at

Understanding Climategate: Who’s Who – a video:

Cooler Heads Event with Dr. Richard Lindzen on Cap and Trade (long presentation) global warming...

brief summary of climategate emails:

longer summary

links to the climategate scandal

online location of the leaked emails here and here

all emails, datasets and programs leaked from Hadley Climate Research Unit in East Anglia:
google and download -