Monday, September 28, 2009

Registration of candidates for the student council election starts 22nd of September

Enve students, Did you notice this from Intra?

I would be really glad to see minimum of one active enve student there in the new council of TAMK and PIRAMK. Please enroll, there are no requirements to speak Finnish to enrol and be member of the union and in the council and board! I wish you good luck, and most importantly when the election comes all enves remember to vote the enve candidates! When we have a representative there in the council of the student union it is far more easy to get our voices heard whether it was the sports times that we want to reserve or the environmental issues we want to promote in new TAMK or anything, you name it.


TAMK University of Applied Sciences and Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences merge 1stof January 2010. On the same day their statutory students' unions Tamko and PAKO merge as well. The new students' union will be called The Students' Union of TAMK University of Applied Sciences (Tamko). The first coucil of the students' union will be voted upon 3rd and 4th of November. The council of 21 student members is the highes decicion-making power in the students' union as it decides upon the resources and objectives of the students' union as well as chooses the executive board of the union.

Registration of candidates for the students' union council election starts 22nd of September and lasts until 8th of October. All members of Students' Union Tamko and PAKO can put up as a candidate. Do note, that the council works in Finnish, so adequate Finnish skills are needed in order to manage the task of the representative. You can registrate as a candidate with a form you can find from the offices of the students' Unions Tamko and PAKO. Find out more from the websites of the students' unions and from the current chairpersons of the executive boards.

Tessa Ekola
044 0826560

Suvi Saarinen
045 672 2651


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