Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bikes in an auction on 4th october

Thanks, someone nice from us enves posted to all in enve email information about this auction where you might find bikes and other stuff. Copied from that mail:

"The police auction on Sunday 4th October if you need a bicycle (at the Tampere police station quite close to the bus station). The auction sells a lot of crap so I took some time to translate the announcement, which can be viewed here;


Bicycles will be put on display at 11:30 and the auction itself begins 12:00 at the main police station's inner court parking lot."

I have myself been to the auction once before and I must admit that I think most of the bikes were sold with too high price. That means that people there had no idea about market prices in my opinion.. So be critical about the prices, there are many other ways to find a used and cheap bike too. But at least the auction is something fun and interesting if nothing else. Be fast there, they have so many bikes that they are superfast in shouting them away!! and bring some cash with you. The other things they have such as digital cameras sound interesting too, hmm.

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