Monday, June 15, 2009

What is going on here then?


So as you can see this is the first post. For now. This blog is in the process of being settup over the following two and a bit months (June, July and August 2009) ready for the start of the new academic year at the end of August 2009. Why?

Well as you can see my name is Gareth James, and for the academic year that ended in May 2009 I was the president of GLOBE. And even though GLOBE is not in anyway my creation, over the last year I think it can be said that GLOBE has shifted and moved in a new and exciting direction. As part of that, the whole board of the 2008-2009 academic year have made a concious effort to make sure that those who come after us have a strong infrastructure to build on and work with as they make their own marks on the world!

A small and, hopefuly, well used part of that, is this blog. I will admit that our old forum was not so great but I hope that this blog can run as both a place to discuss the hot issues in the ever evolving world in which we live as well as a continuous resource engine for students old and new to come back to check up life in the Environmental Engineering degree programme at TAMK.

With that in mind I will be posting a few times over the next few months to setup a base that who ever takes over in August can build on, and obviously I think it will see all of my older posts consigned to the archives! But after all, everything has to start somewhere!

Gareth. :-)

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