Monday, October 19, 2009

Trekking trip to Helvetinjärvi national park on 30.10.2009

Its really beautiful, I really recommend this one!

Trekking trip to Helvetinjärvi national park on 30.10.2
Are you interested in joining your fellow students in an outdoorsy
trekking experience in the beautiful Helvetinjärvi national park? It's
going to be an enjoyable day amidst the stunningly beautiful and
peaceful environment of traditional Finnish lake-forest scenery. The
participants consist of UTA, TUT and TAMK students.

For the trip you need:

-comfy shoes to walk with
-clothes according to the weather
-some warm clothes for breaks
-something to eat during the day

The departure is at 9.00 (the bus that takes us there tours the
campuses to pick students up) and we'll be back in Tampere at
approximately 17.00. It takes around 1½h by bus to reach the national
park (80kms) so the time spent inside the park is about five hours.
We're offering you a guided tour to the uniquely GORGEous Helvetinkolu
gorge and from there to Haukanhieta. We're also going to have a break
when it's possible for you to eat around a warm campfire. The total
length for the trekking part is around 7kms.

All this costs a mere 5 euros which will be paid by the bus in cash. Sign
up for the trip by sending e-mail to with
"Vaellus09" as subject. Remember to tell which school you're coming
from (UTA/TUT/TAMK.) Deadline for signing up is 22.10.2009.

Everyone who signs up will receive further information later.

We welcome you to come and enjoy the astonishing nature Helvetinjärvi has to offer!

picture: Hannu Kopra, taken from

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