Monday, October 12, 2009

News, news and more news...

But can there be a case made for "too much news"?

Over the yeas that I studied in TAMK the amount of environmental news stories and sites dedicated to covering such news grew tremendously. And while my old habits of hitting up the big "news corporations" continued I also had to contend with the corresponding "agenda's" that cane along with the stories from these sources. On some sites this was easier to spot, and for me to read between the lines so to speak. And of course no matter the source of the story, it was but the work of a moment to search for and read up on alternate reports on the same subject.

Then of course there is the massive amount of blogs, from the rarely, if ever, updated to the fanatics who post comments on any story that barley touches on anything to do with the environment! These days it is almost impossible not to be able to find any environmental story covered by people who share the same outlook as you.

But in theses days of social media and "mashups" is there a case to be made for there being "too much news"?

So with this in mind I would like to ask you to note down in a comment on this article what sources, be they internet or not, do you always find yourself turning to for environmental news, make it your top three, and which sites, if any, you always avoid, again and if you have that many, a top three. If you want you can give a very short explanation as to why you read what you read. Over the next few weeks, I will be making a note of a what you have all said and will post again later in the Autumn, an "ultimate guide to all things environmental news". That way then, never can an environmental engineering student ever utter the line "I couldn't find anything to write about..."

Top three sites I read for environmental news and stories:

1) Planet Ark News. Quite simply my ultimate one stop shop for news, analysis and ideas.
2) BBC News Science and Environment. I always find myself coming back to Auntie for it's perspective and more in depth reporting, along with it's diverse range of issues covered.
3) The Washington Post. Green. American, right at the heart of D.C. A newspaper that is always top notch with it's coverage of the American effort and perspective on all things environmental.

Top three sites I avoid for environmental news and stories:
1) CNN. Very little coverage outside of natural disaters, very basic reporting.
2) Sky News. The latest search I did on this site for the word "Environment" returned, as it's first result, a story that was from July 2008. Oh boy...
3) The Times Online. ...

So there you go. Not exactly the most provocative of lists, but my top three's none the less. I look forward to reading all of yours.

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