Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Climate debate about warming still goes on?

I heard the Nordic Climate day @ TAMK went great today, congratulations to all who prepared for it and hopefully the workhop ideas will stay alive still after today. Anyone who attended and follows this blog, please we would love to hear more of what you did?


Since it is the Nordic Climate day and I am enthusiastic about climate change I would like to comment or give some links about climate change and something related to current discussion in Finland about climate change..

On Monday at Finnish national TV channel Yle there was a programme about Climate change and how global warming is not real according to the journalist.. well, to start with, the programme MOT and its journalist Mr. Backman have never really been that creadible with their journalism in Finland so perhaps this should not even be commented, but there is a slight problem anyhow. Lots of people trust Yle and its contents in general and me, amongst many others, are surprised that programmes as this (English transcript of the broadcast):
are "allowed" to be shown as such. There is something serious going on in the world and it might be about a time to concentrate on facts and not find alternative interpretations of graphs and so on. Well its a long story and I am not gonna go into that now, but if you are interested I forward here few links that I found useful from my fellow student and that I follow on blog discussions. Some are in English, the blogs in Finnish, but even after the Finnish blogs you might find interesting references to English sites!

I heard that films watched at TAMK were the Venus theory and "The Great Global Warming Swindle"
Highly recommend at least the first one mentioned, the other clip I havent checked out yet..

By the way,
Had a chance to see the film "Age of Stupid" last friday and recommend that as well to all of you!

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  1. Well yes, for some reason I think that this is something that people the world over will want to constantly debate. It does get my blood up sometimes when I hear some of the, mostly, totally informed tribe that people spout. But on the other hand, we all know enough to not go blindly beleiving everything that gets said!! :-)

    Personally I try to read up on and keep constant with the opposing views, like those in the show, but it is hard when they get so narrow minded...