Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Activeion spray bottle uses water as a disinfectant

Activeion spray bottle uses water as a disinfectant

Now as someone who wrote about Triclosan for his final dissertation at TAMK this is a product that most definitely appeals to me! And having just checked the companies web site I am happy to see that a European subsidiary has been set up to market and sell the cleaners over here.

The science behind this is not new to me, but the concept and application thereof is. I can't really see where this is going to go wrong. Of course it has an almighty fight on its hands to convince people that "water with a bit of electricity" is really going to be better than chemicals for cleaning, but I believe the European market is more ready to acknowledge this fact and go for this. Yes it is a steep initial outlay, but then, apart from some new rechargeable batteries, you never need buy anything new for it again. Just keep pouring water in it!

So this is on the shopping list as well as making sure that if I ever need new sports shoes in the near future I will buy Puma!

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